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Passion Healing Sessions

Passion healing sessions offer transformative energy medicine work for the body, mind and soul. The most pressing issues affecting or hurting you will be addressed and worked on. These troubling issues can be related to your physical health, relations, emotional trauma, to experience joy or to expand your consciousness. We work with patterns and clear the negative imprints in your energy field. In this process, heavy toxic energies from your chakras, aura and energetic fields are repaired, cleaned and revitalized.

Various transformative modalities will be used as per divine guidance to channel the healing transformation. Sessions are intuitively guided and tailored to meet individual needs. 

Following are some of the benefits of passion healing sessions:

  • Releasing past and present cellular trauma · 
  • Freedom from the patterns of physical, mental, emotional, and sexual abuse 
  • Living your life’s purpose 
  • Releasing resentment, grudges, and prejudices  
  • Identify and clearing past life memories 
  • Low Self Esteem and Confidence 
  • Clearing blocks to true happiness and excitement about life  
  • Clearing blocks to prosperity 
  • Recovering from broken relationships 
  • Improving relationships with partners, family and co-workers.
  • Manifesting a soul mate 
  • Clearing blocks and manifesting success in business and career
  • Enhancing or opening up your intuitive and healing abilities
  • Healing Spiritual, emotional, mental or physical disease 
  • Cutting the invisible cords of fear, anger, guilt, jealousy, family environment or reactions to events  that bind us and block from experiencing who we really are.  

Fees: $99.00 per session

Readings & Spiritual Counselling

In this session, messages from your angels/guides are channeled and communicated to you for your highest good.  Divya works with you on a soul level, examining and helping you to understand and heal the things holding you back from experiencing your complete self for your evolution and spiritual progress. Information will be downloaded directly from the spirits/angels and that requires Divya to connect remotely and energetically with you to shift and move energetic fields in a positive direction. All sessions come with a personal reading and meditation.

Fees: $80 per session

Emotional Release Therapy

Feel more Love & Joy in your life with Emotional Release Therapy.

Emotional trauma resulting from negative emotions such as sadness, depression, anger, fear, anxiety, low self-esteem, jealousy etc., can be a great cause of stress leading to eventual physical illness, if left untreated. They hold us captive and prevent us from leading healthy life of our dreams. Uses few transformational modalities and essential oils to open and release blocked energy and emotion of a lower vibration such as guilt, fear, anger and frustration. The creator of All That is replaces the blocked energy with love, peace, joy, balance and harmony. 

Fees: $99.00 per session

VIP Silver Package

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VIP Gold Package

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Passion Healing Sessions


Soul Retrieval, Extractions & Past Life Regressions

Soul retrieval is a powerful spiritual practice to heal the lost soul.  Soul loss can occur whenever we face painful experiences or trauma in our life. It is believed that illness is due to the loss of soul and it is vital to restore the lost parts.  In soul retrieval session, soul parts that may have separated due to trauma are restored to you, bringing their light and wisdom fully into your life. After soul retrieval session, shamanic extraction is done to remove intrusions, energy blocks and painful patterns affecting the person. Past life regressions are offered to clear the unnecessary recurring past life patterns  from your energetic fields. More information available on soul retrieval and journeys page.  

Fees: $99.00 per session

Soul Retrieval

Soul retrieval is a powerful spiritual practice to heal the lost soul. In a unique way, it brings back the lost soul parts through ancient techniques in shamanism. Soul loss can occur whenever we face painful experiences or trauma in our life.  It is one of the profound methods to restore you to your true self.   

Soul is the life and vitality of human body. It is widely believed that illness is due to the loss of soul and it is vital to restore the lost parts. Soul loss can occur as a result of severe trauma such as physical, emotional or sexual abuse, accident, addiction, loss of a loved one, incest, miscarriage/abortion, relationship issues or the battle of combat. Signs and symptoms of soul loss can be emotional/physical illness, chronic depression, disassociation or a gap in memory.   

Whenever we experience trauma, a vital part of our soul separates from us in order to survive the experience by escaping the full impact of the pain. This is the fight or flight response to a particular situation which is scientifically proven. Divya does a journey to see a scene of trauma or despair when a soul part departed from you and helps bring it back to make you a complete soul- self to experience a whole new self.   Soul Retrieval is for everyone who wants to deepen his or her connection to oneself, to loved ones and to the Universe.   

Fees: $99.00 per session

Shamanic Extraction

After soul retrieval session, shamanic extractions  are done to remove intrusions, energy blocks and painful patterns affecting the person. These occur due to soul loss leaving the person vulnerable to intrusions and harmful energy blocks. 


Fees: $99.00 per session

Past Life Regression

Past life regressions is a deep healing process of healing the soul by healing the past. We all carry the energetic charge of the unconscious memories (unfinished business, emotional debts, failures, accomplishments, guilt, trauma, sudden deaths, gratitude, love, sadness etc) from our past lives. These charges from past lives set up recurring patterns that can trigger continually in the present life. They can affect our relationships behaviors, health, physical bodies, talents, wisdom etc. In these sessions, negative patterns that no longer serve us are released and neutralized and positive patterns are reinforced.  Past Life regression are for healing and changing recurring patterns.  It take several regressions to complete the process of identifying recurring patterns.  At least three sessions are required, one week apart.   

Fees: $99.00 per session

Home/Office Energetic Clearings

Home/office clearings are offered to clear the energy clutter in the environment for a vibrant and harmonious living. It takes enormous amount of time and efforts to clear the negative energy debris piled up in the dwelling along with any entities dwelling in the space. Psychic investigations, space clearings and blessings will be done. Fees varies depending on the area and the amount of clearings that are needed for a peaceful harmonious living environment. Read Below for more information.


Home or office clearings are essential for a harmonious life and successful business. Just like home cleansing for physical cleanliness, energetic clearings are needed to clear the stagnant or negative energy debris that has built up in the home over time. This energy debris can be due to the result of negative emotions, thoughts, arguments, stress, anger, relationship issues, divorce, trauma, illness, death of loved ones etc., that you or others (including previous residents/owners) experienced in your space. 

Piled up negative energy debris unsettles the balance of the home or office. It remains in the space getting absorbed into the walls, floor, carpet, ceiling, objects, furniture etc., creating its own energetic field and attracting more such negative field. Indwellers of such places can get attached to this negative energy debris and can experience adverse effects of its negative energetic field. They might feel heaviness, tension, listless, drained or become agitated and angry. Over time, excess negative energy can be unsafe for dwelling or business. It is always good to have home clearings done if one experienced negative incidents, moving into a new place or selling a home. 

With space clearings, old stagnant energy is replaced with vibrant lively energy and the home or office feels much lighter, calm and uplifted. Dr. Divya has cleared houses filled with dirty energy, trapped souls and entities. 

Home or office clearings take about 1 hour to 3 hours depending on how much negative energetic debris has piled up in the space. House blessings will also be done after the clearings.  For scheduling or for more information, please contact for scan and quote for homes, offices/businesses such as clinics, nursing homes, motels, restaurants, stores, shops etc 

Fees - $99.00 per 1000 SqFt

Please contact passionhealings@  to schedule an appointment for any session

Important Disclaimer

The services we offer are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Personnel at Passion Healings do not offer medical advice, diagnosis, and course of treatment or any opinion on your conditions or treatment options. Purpose of Passion Healing sessions are to balance, harmonize, release and heal on all four levels (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual). Please consult your medical professional and follow their instructions for your medical conditions.