The Personal Reconnection®


The Personal Reconnection®

Reconnective Healing® is intended to be general and non-directed; The Reconnection® is about reconnecting specific aspects of our energetic system (meridian lines in acupuncture) to the larger energy lines on planet Earth, called axiatonal lines. It is the process of realigning with these axiatonal lines in their most powerful and evolved way. These lines then connect to the larger universal grid system, providing a gateway to what we may experience as connection, or a reconnection with all lifeforms. Many people describe stronger connections with not only people but animals, nature, non-physical forces and more. In your Personal Reconnection, you are reconnecting to a timeless system of intelligence, your master vibration and your evolution. You are actively choosing to access all that you have learned throughout your lifetimes, in this dimension, and beyond. It is an ongoing process, and it will continue to unfold as you begin to make new choices on your life path, moving into your Life Progress. Many who have experienced their Personal Reconnection simply say, “Life is… easier”. 

Receiving your Personal Reconnection is a choice. Not everyone chooses to shift their life at this accelerated pace. The Personal Reconnection is facilitated once in a lifetime in a client's life, happening as two sessions within three days. One night's sleep must occur between the two sessions, these sessions are performed hands off so clients are always fully clothed. The energetic frequencies experienced in The Reconnection® have been scientifically observed not only to affect our DNA, but to reconnect DNA stands. In some studies, DNA entropy (the process of degeneration into decay) was significantly altered, even to the point of genetic correction. There is now a developing theory that The Reconnection® may in fact be demonstrating new levels of reality.

Fees: $333.00 for Reconnection (two sessions within three day span)

Personal Reconnection Session

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