ABOUT passion healings & Dr. Divya Sadaram

Passion Healings was born out of necessity for the new era of holistic transformative healing. It is for empowering your life for your better health, happiness, joy and to realize your true potential.   Welcome to the unleashing concepts of quantum energy and holistic health on all levels through Passion Healings.

  • Are you ready to access all the infinite possibilities that you are capable of creating?
  • If you could be all of you... Who would you be? 
  • Can you imagine what your life could be like if you got  rid of all your limitations? 
  • What if you can be everything you would like to be? 
  • Would you be willing to be all of you in totality? 
  • What if there is nothing wrong with you and never had been?

Dr. Divya would like to invite you to choose and explore a different possibility for you and your beautiful body. She would like to invite you to discover the magnificent, brilliant person that you truly be, to discover your gifts, talents, capacities, abilities, power, and potency as the infinite being you truly be. Dr. Divya is very passionate about healing and committed to helping everyone heal at physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.She will work at the body, mind and soul for one to experience better health, joy, and love.   



Dr. Divya Sadaram offers services as a professional light worker and holistic healer. As a medical doctor, understanding the physiology, anatomy and biochemistry of the human body along with its correlation to the pathological aspects to healing an ailment or cure at a physical level were very rewarding for her. Yet, witnessing the lack of cure for most of the chronic and malignant illnesses, she realized that the healing paradigm is more profound.

In her journey, Dr. Divya had several visions with guidances from spiritual gurus, angels, ascended masters and deep meditative kundalini experiences where an awareness and revelations came of the broader aspects and approaches in the healing paradigm to heal at physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. As she allowed this Divine intervention, she was amazed to see instant healings, transformations, and manifestations for her own family members and friends.

Building on this, she learned various transformative modalities to expand her consciousness. She teaches some of these methods. Now, you too can learn different methods, learn to connect with the creative energy that is present in all things and how to develop the innate ability to change on all levels: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

Dr. Divya works at the body, mind, and soul for one to experience better health, joy, and love. Divine intervention and Divine power are embedded in our very core. Empowering your life for your better health, happiness, joy and to realize your true potential is the greatest gift you can give to yourself. Truth is that we are all sparks of the Divine.  

Dr. Divya feels ever grateful to her spiritual gurus, angels, masters of light, holy spirits and teachers in the physical realm for their continued guidance, support and teachings.  She feels it a great honor to serve people through Passion Healings.