Just had my first Theta Healing session with Divya ~ I feel Amazing! I would recommend to anyone looking to release what is holding you back; she helps you to get to the root of the issue, heal and move forward in a more grounded and peaceful way!Thank you!~Patti Hermitage, Massachusetts, USA

I got a Theta healing session from Divya and it was very soothing and saw the vibrant colour been worked on in the process. Very grateful for your time and pleasant energy. Love and Gratitude~Sarita Jagwani, Mumbai, India

I had my first experience yesterday. I felt a very strong calmness after the reading. I also felt a light feeling as if stress had lifted off my shoulders and mind. I would recommend these services to anyone. She did a great job!!! I was very pleased~ Connie Wilson, Pennsylvania, USA

I just had an amazing theta healing session about soulmates. Divya new personal things about me that I did not discuss with her. She is very spiritual and her reading was so accurate! ~ Edward Hall, Maine, USA

I had Theta Reading Session with Divya. She connected with me at distance and gave very accurate information about my self. She even don't know me. It was very pleasurable talk and I felt very calm after the session. I recommend every one to take as well as learn Theta healing / reading session from her. I appreciated her time and work. Thank you.~Ammara Riaz, Lahore, Pakistan

 Recently, I had a "mini" session with Divya and it was a very enlightening and impactful experience! We did a combination of Access Bars and Theta Healing to help remove blocks that prevent me from receiving my good! I found it to be amazing and look forward to working with her again in the near future! Thank you Divya! ~ David Hamilton, Maumee OH USA

 A very relaxing atmosphere and genuinely caring spirit. I felt like i was sitting down and talking with a friend. She pinpointed many areas right on, and i am excited to see how our session will carry over into my daily life. Thank you, Dr. Divya!. ~ Lesley Baker Bowen. Sylvania OH USA

After Reconnective Healing, I have had two noticeable improvements:  right wrist pain gone and function returned, and left shoulder pain gone and function returned.  I also had a permanent dull headache/foggy feeling in brain gone after treatment. 

After Bars, I felt that the treatment and diagnosis were somewhat effective.  Things seem more settle and going in the right direction.  Perhaps more treatment is needed. 

After Soul Retrieval session, I do not feel down like I did prior.  My heart seems more settled and actually healed with regards to past trauma/pain and grief which plagued me for several years, if not decades. I would highly recommend your services to anyone in need of any of these physical/mental or emotional (soul) healings.   Thank you very much for everything and Namaste!   - Joseph, Ohio USA 

 I received the Reconnection sessions from Divya recently and it was a lovely process. I sensed the energy activate immediately and by the end my body had gone into a full body fascial release! I train intensely in circus arts so going into the session I was aware of the tight and stuck places in my physical body. Since I returned to training following the sessions I am about 20% more flexible and able to access more moves than I was before! I am sure there are many other benefits to this beautiful work she does but this is just the most obvious and tangible example of change I received. Thank you Divya! It was a pleasure meeting you and working with you!!  -  Holly, Arizona USA

Soul Retrieval Session: This was such an amazing experience. I have had many healings done; this one was instant feeling of empowerment. Accurately and chronologically predicting all my past traumatic experiences (untold by me) and bringing my lost soul parts back to me is a remarkable feat. After this soul retrieval session, I instantly felt empowered, rejoiced, rejuvenated and so happy to obtain my soul back. I can say it truly feels good to be me. With gratitude and with love - Rhonda, New York USA

 We have been on a spiritual journey for years always seeking more awareness, better health,love,peace,and joy. Through divine order we had been recommended to see you Dr. Divya (2 States away) for your transformative sessions. The experience itself was very relaxing.  After the first session we immediately felt an instant Peace, Focused, Energized, and an Openness for New Awakenings. After the second session and the ACCESS BARS we felt the same except the feelings were even stronger we felt happy, energized, content, sense of calmness and better health already. We felt less body pains, less worries, less cravings for junk food, and very eager to witness new changes in our lives all for the better. Thank you Dr. Divya for the divine healings. It was such an overall beneficial health and wellness therapy that we feel great about. We recommend it to everyone even if they are not of the Spiritual journey. We have been blessed to have met you. 

PS.  It was  a pleasure meeting you and your family. You opened our awareness and provided great teachings. You are beautiful people.  - David, Newyork USA

Office space clearing: The heaviness in the office space is gone…space now feels lighter and habitable. Glad that I had the needed clearings done and the feeling relaxed in my new space - Paul, Ohio USA  

I am amazed at by how much sense of joy and relief I feel after receiving healing sessions from Dr. Divya. What really spoke to me was her firm, but gentle touch at addressing what I wanted to heal and the variety of healing tools she has. Thank you for you help! - Ralphael , Ohio USA

 I immediately felt as if I have the power to overcome my addiction to smoking easily. I now also have the desire to do so, which was never the case anytime in the past. I learned the reasons for my addictions…I now realize there are so many other things I can do instead of smoking. I am learning to love and accept myself even more.  - Cole, Newyork USA

Emotional Release session: Amazing session on such an emotional level going through each of the chakras, and repeating the words aloud- I could feel the "weakness" I struggled to repeat them- those were the ones I know and needed to work on or released. Thank you. So difficult to put into words - I am feeling like I am existing on a different level a much higher plane. Feeling very tranquil, peace, tingling still and balanced. Filled with Love & Hope.                                              

Much more energy even after two days after your session.....accomplished many tasks...more than expected.  Peace, tranquility, a feeling of better balance continued. Again, no nervous eating today.  Did take a few minutes to lie down this afternoon, relax &reflect on the amazing happenings of yesterday.  So, difficult to find the words to describe this feeling. Much more intense than any other healing modality.  Thank you so very much...truly a GIFT you have!!   - Barbara, Michigan USA

I felt very relaxed around Divya and everything just flowed perfectly! I felt lighter and at ease after The Bars! She knew exactly what was bothering me without me saying a word, which I was amazed!! I was drawn to Dr. Divya and listening and learning from her was so wonderful also! She gave me some tools to use for everyday thinking and living! She is truly a blessing and gifted! I can’t wait to learn and experience more! Xoxo - Julia Ohio USA