Home/ Office Space Clearings


Home/Office Space clearings

Home/office clearings are offered to clear the energy clutter in the environment for a vibrant and harmonious living. It takes enormous amount of time and efforts to clear the negative energy debris piled up in the dwelling along with any entities dwelling in the space. Psychic investigations, space clearings and blessings will be done. Fees varies depending on the area and the amount of clearings that are needed for a peaceful harmonious living environment. Read Below for more information.

Home or office clearings are essential for a harmonious life and successful business. Just like home cleansing for physical cleanliness, energetic clearings are needed to clear the stagnant or negative energy debris that has built up in the home over time. This energy debris can be due to the result of negative emotions, thoughts, arguments, stress, anger, relationship issues, divorce, trauma, illness, death of loved ones etc., that you or others (including previous residents/owners) experienced in your space. 

Piled up negative energy debris unsettles the balance of the home or office. It remains in the space getting absorbed into the walls, floor, carpet, ceiling, objects, furniture etc., creating its own energetic field and attracting more such negative field. Indwellers of such places can get attached to this negative energy debris and can experience adverse effects of its negative energetic field. They might feel heaviness, tension, listless, drained or become agitated and angry. Over time, excess negative energy can be unsafe for dwelling or business. It is always good to have home clearings done if one experienced negative incidents, moving into a new place or selling a home. 

With space clearings, old stagnant energy is replaced with vibrant lively energy and the home or office feels much lighter, calm and uplifted. Dr. Divya has cleared houses filled with dirty energy, trapped souls and entities. 

Home or office clearings take about 1 hour to 3 hours depending on how much negative energetic debris has piled up in the space. House blessings will also be done after the clearings.  For scheduling or for more information, please contact passionhealings@gmail.com for scan and quote for homes, offices/businesses such as clinics, nursing homes, motels, restaurants, stores, shops etc 

Fees - $150.00 per 1000 SqFt