Reconnective Healing®

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Reconnective Healing®

Reconnective Healing® is often a life-changing experience, allowing for the healing of body, mind and spirit, restoring optimal health, balance and vitality at a profound level. Whether it is emotional trauma, chronic physical pain, or mental stress that leaves you feeling drained, anxious, or in a constant state of tension, Reconnective Healing can greatly enhance and improve all aspects of your life.  You are so much more than your physical body, yet it is often your physical body that suffers the pains of living out of sync; out of balance, mentally, emotionally, physically and even spiritually. Reconnective Healing's frequencies of light and information create a coherency that transcends time and space, and allows you to return to your optimal state of balance; renewing health, vitality and wholeness. Reconnective Healing is recognized and supported by science, including researchers affiliated with institutions such a Harvard, Yale, and Stanford. It is considered by the scientific community to be the new technology in the transformation and expansion of consciousness because it encompasses a new bandwidth of frequencies that heretofore have not been accessible.

Fees: $150.00 per session

About Reconnective Healing by Dr. Eric Pearl

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