Soul Retrieval & Journeys


Soul Retrieval

 Soul retrieval is a powerful spiritual practice to heal the lost soul. In a unique way, it brings back the lost soul parts through ancient techniques in shamanism. Soul loss can occur whenever we face painful experiences or trauma in our life.  It is one of the profound methods to restore you to your true self.   

Soul is the life and vitality of human body. It is widely believed that illness is due to the loss of soul and it is vital to restore the lost parts. Soul loss can occur as a result of severe trauma such as physical, emotional or sexual abuse, accident, addiction, loss of a loved one, incest, miscarriage/abortion, relationship issues or the battle of combat. Signs and symptoms of soul loss can be emotional/physical illness, chronic depression, disassociation or a gap in memory.   

Whenever we experience trauma, a vital part of our soul separates from us in order to survive the experience by escaping the full impact of the pain. This is the fight or flight response to a particular situation which is scientifically proven. Divya does a journey to see a scene of trauma or despair when a soul part departed from you and helps bring it back to make you a complete soul- self to experience a whole new self.   Soul Retrieval is for everyone who wants to deepen his or her connection to oneself, to loved ones and to the Universe.   

Fees - $150.00 per session

Important Disclaimer

The services we offer are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Personnel at Passion Healings do not offer medical advice, diagnosis, and course of treatment or any opinion on your conditions or treatment options. Purpose of Passion Healing sessions are to balance, harmonize, release and heal on all four levels (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual). Please consult your medical professional and follow their instructions for your medical conditions.