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ThetaHealing® by Vianna Stibal 
Changing your beliefs to experience your highest self.

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ThetaHealing was founded in 1995 by Vianna Stibal, and because of its effectiveness has spread incredibly quickly throughout the world. ThetaHealing is a mind/body technique that uses the energy that flows through all things to produce instantaneous and permanent change at the cellular level. This results in physical, emotional, and spiritual transformation. ThetaHealing changes the belief systems creating these issues, transforming the body, mind, and spirit — bringing balance, connection, and healing. ThetaHealing clients have experienced instant regression from chronic pain, cancer, infections from bacteria and viruses, anxiety and depression, autism, Alzheimer’s, autoimmune conditions, thyroid disorders, hormonal imbalances, and many more conditions. 

ThetaHealing is cell-level healing.  includes a certain component — for example, love — if we don’t believe that we deserve and can accept love, our cells will not take it in.)

ThetaHealing transforms our environment by changing the vibrations of our receptor cells, thus altering the pattern of neuropeptide flow in our bodies. When we change the patterns of our neuropeptide flow, we change how we feel. When we change how we feel, we change how we act. When we change how we act, we change our lives. 

Dr. Divya is a Certificate of Science and Master Theta Healer Instructor and Teaches many ThetaHealing Practitioner Certification courses. 

ThetaHealing Roadmap to the 7th Plane

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Vianna Stibal Founder of Theta Healing®

Vianna Stibal Founder of Theta Healing ®