Passion Healing Sessions


Passion Healing Sessions

 Passion healing sessions offer transformative energy medicine work for the body, mind and soul. The most pressing issues affecting or hurting you will be addressed and worked on. These troubling issues can be related to your physical health, relations, emotional trauma, to experience joy or to expand your consciousness. We work with patterns and clear the negative imprints in your energy field. In this process, heavy toxic energies from your chakras, aura and energetic fields are repaired, cleaned and revitalized.Various transformative modalities will be used as per divine guidance to channel the healing transformation. Sessions are intuitively guided and tailored to meet individual needs. Following are some of the benefits of passion healing sessions:

  • Releasing past and present cellular trauma · 
  • Freedom from the patterns of physical, mental, emotional, and sexual abuse 
  • Living your life’s purpose 
  • Releasing resentment, grudges, and prejudices  
  • Identify and clearing past life memories 
  • Low Self Esteem and Confidence 
  • Clearing blocks to true happiness and excitement about life  
  • Clearing blocks to prosperity 
  • Recovering from broken relationships 
  • Improving relationships with partners, family and co-workers.
  • Manifesting a soul mate 
  • Clearing blocks and manifesting success in business and career
  • Enhancing or opening up your intuitive and healing abilities
  • Healing Spiritual, emotional, mental or physical disease 
  • Cutting the invisible cords of fear, anger, guilt, jealousy, family environment or reactions to events  that bind us and block from experiencing who we really are.  

Fees: $150.00 per session 

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